Alberta Corporate Amalgamation

WHAT IS an Alberta Corporate AMALGAMATION?

An amalgamation is when two or more Alberta corporations join together and continue as one new corporation. Richmond Road Registry offers both Alberta Amalgamations and Extra-Provincial Amalgamations.

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Once the Amalgamation has been registered with Corporate Registry, the property of each of the corporations taking part in an amalgamation (amalgamation predecessors) becomes the property of the newly-formed successor, or amalgamated corporation. The successor corporation continues to be liable for the obligations of each of its predecessors. This is especially true when one of the amalgamation predecessors was an unlimited liability corporation (ULC). The corporations that take part in an amalgamation may be:

  • Two or more unrelated Alberta corporations.
  • An Alberta holding corporation and one or more of its wholly-owned Alberta subsidiaries (vertical short-form amalgamation).
  • Two or more wholly-owned Alberta subsidiaries of the same holding corporation (horizontal short-form amalgamation).
  • An Alberta corporation and an extra-provincial corporation where one is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the other (cross-border amalgamation).

Most amalgamations take place under Section 181 of the Business Corporations Act (BCA) but amalgamations may also be effected by way of a court-approved arrangement, under Section 193 of the BCA. However, an arrangement cannot be effected under Section 193 unless it is impractical to adopt it under any other section of the BCA.

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Download and fill out the following for an Alberta Amalgamation:
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Download and fill out the following for an Extra-Provincial Amalgamation:
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For online service: If you are doing the service online, please pay for the service and then scan the completed documents above and email us or fax the forms to 403-246-0647 along with your payment receipt number. When we have completed the Amalgamation we will send you the ‘proof of filing’ and mail out the original to you – it’s that easy!


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